Available Doodle Puppies

Scroll down to see our recent births, pregnancies and plans. If you are interested in a specific litter or potential breeding, please contact me . I will do my best to keep you informed.

Medium Goldendoodles ready to go home on April 11th

Av’s June Carter Cash is a Standard Merle F1B Goldendoodle (21 ” tall and 55 pounds). River Doodles Tremendous Turner is a mini Goldendoodle (just 15″ high and only 17 pounds) belonging to Gail and Kevin at Gail’s Doodles in Templeton. Turner helped us produce a great litter last year and we expect this litter to be spectacular! Gail and Kevin have been so generous to me with their help in my program. I am so grateful.

We estimate pups for this litter to be in the medium size range ( 17-20 inches tall and about 30 pounds).

Ready to go home April 10.

The girls on top row. The boys on bottom row. One black puppy is available.

1-B Mashburn (Apricot Female) 2-The Carpenters ( apricot male) 3. H Townsend ( Chocolate male). -4. T Williams(Black puppy) -5- P Duranth choc phantom female -6- sixth pick available (black puppy Male or female)

Irish Wolfadoodles (Woodles)

We are posting this litter for our friend.

TSD’s Jolene by CDP Dogos “JOJO”is an Irish Wolfadoodle . Is owned by my friend and neighbor, Rick/ She was bred with our Rigby”SAMSON”. The ultrasound shows 7 puppies. Some will have a scruffy look like mom and some will be fluffy like dad. Colors can include chocolates, Merles, Blacks, Abstract markings and Sable /Fawn.

JOJO and Samson have 10 puppies in a great variety of colors . We will be looking for a guardian home for a female. This litter will sell for $2500. each any color, male or female.

Numbers 1&2 are reserved by the breeder.

Medium Multigen Labradoodles

Loveable Labradoodles Jolene and Twin Sisters Rudy are expecting!

Due date is April 24th, going home about June 20th.

They will produce Medium Multigen Australian Labradoodle Puppies. Puppies will be black or brown with white abstract markings and also some with Phantom (tan points) markings.

We will begin to accept deposits for the first 5 puppies.

1.Ketty. 2.Snider -male puppy 3. Morrison– female puppy 4. available 5. available

After the second ultrasound, we may add more

**For this summer–Oh! the possibilities!

Australian Labradoodle Ladies

Medium and Standards

Twin Sisters Sweet Rosie O’ Grady (Medium, Red Goldendoodle), Gail’s. Tuku (Black Labradoodle), Twin Sisters Lay Down Sally( apricot Parti Labradoodle), Gail’s Oh Happy Day Maevis(Apricot Parti Labradoodle), Twin Sisters Marley (ChocolateLabradoodle) Twin Sisters Fire and Rain( Medium, red Labradoodle)


Goldendoodle Girls Standards

Liz Di G’s My Baby Loves to Cha Cha Cha – Twin Sisters Gypsy Soul, Av’s June Carter Cash, Twin Sisters Martha My Dear (aka Valley) and

MY My MY Delilah – AKC English Cream Retiever will help us produce F1 (first generation) Goldendoodles this summer

Medium and Mini Goldendoodles

Twin Sisters Sweet Rosie O’ aka Pheobe – Twin Sisters Galway Piper, Gail’s Annie Get Your Gun

Twin Sisters Billie Jean and Twin Sisters Birdie Banks (our mini)

Some of these girls will bring us mediums puppies and some mini puppies.


The Giants, Newfy Doodles and Irish Wolfadoodle

Eleanor (Lola). Twin Sisters Daisy and Twin Sisters Belle.

We have three Newfydoodle girls to choose from this year and will breed at least one, possibly more depending on interest. Newfydoodles have a calm demeanor yet they are still playful and energetic.

A note about the Giants

We will breed one or two litters of Newfydoodles (aka Newdles or Newfypoos)

And one litter of Irish wolfadoodles x Newfydoodles for BIG and Shaggy! I am partnering with a breeder friend on this new breed.We are working on a name ( Irish Newdles? perhaps). Newoodles?

We do have a waiting list for those wanting a specific size or color or want to be notified of a future litter. We are happy to add you to our waiting list after you have completed a puppy application. We should have plenty of puppies for everyone that wants one this year. (NO fee or deposit to apply). Please do not send a deposit until we have spoken.

Guardian Opportunities

We will have only a few guardian opportunities in 2023. Please see specifics and the contract on the “guardian” page.

Here are the BASIC MUSTS to be part of our program. –Your home must be within one hour of ours. –You must have an enclosed yard. –One person home MOST of the time to care for and train the puppy.

You can read more about being a guardian on the Guardian Program page.


You can find the puppy application at the bottom of this page.

We breed for standard (around 50 lbs ) and medium (around 30-40 lbs) sizes. also a couple litters of mini sized puppies. We will also breed an occasional Giant sized Doodles (Irish Wolfadoodle or Newfydoodle).

Purchase Contract and Health Guarantee

To reserve your new family member, find our puppy application here.

After your application is received and approved, I will confirm that I received it via email.

I will also send monthly updates regarding breedings and litters and what is up and coming. When we have a puppy that fits your request, I will make a couple attempts to call, text or email you. You can then make your deposit and your place for your puppy will be reserved.

A completed application is a must. Please indicate which litter you are interested in and when you are ready for the new family member.

Twin Sisters Puppy Application