Available Doodles

We are planning our breeding schedule for the beginning of 2023. Scroll down to see our recent breedings, pregnancies and plans. Timing is all up to the girls.

For January 2023

Standard Double Doodles

(Labradoodle x Goldendoodle)

Twin Sisters Maggie May and AV’s Mr Peabody

Maggie and Peabody will give us Standard Double Doodles. ( Labradoodle X Goldendoodle) they will be 50-65 pounds. Their color possibilities will be Solid Chocolate or Black, some with white abstract markings, Chocolate merle and blue Merle. The breeding took place November 12th with ultrasound confirmation about dec10th and puppies arriving in mid January. Fingers crossed. We will begin accepting deposits after Dec 10th.


Medium Goldendoodles

Gail’s Doodles Ruby Tuesday was bred with Rainbow’s End Beguiling Baxter on November 23. Her due date will be Jan 22, 2023. Both are Medium sized Red Goldendoodles. Baxter has fathered lovely red puppies for us in the past and Ruby never disappoints. This litter should all be all deep apricot/red puppies. we will begin accepting deposits on this litter after Ruby’s Ultrasound on Dec 23rd 2022.

Labradoodle plans for 2022

Jolene and Kokomo will have Medium Multigen Labradoodle puppies in blacks or chocolates. Their color patterns should include Parti’s, abstracts, sables and phantoms. Jolene is 28 lbs and kokomo is 30 pounds.


Tuku and Cassius or Norman

Tuku and Cassius (for Standard) or Norman (for Medium) Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle puppies in black, chocolate or apricot some with Parti and some abstract markings.


Rainey and (TBD) Medium Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles in red with possible white markings.


Summer and Fall Labradoodle puppies


Maevis Medium multigen labradoodles in Apricot and apricot Parti


Sally or Maisey and ?? Both Sally and Maisey are offspring of our Maevis (above) and Standard apricot Parti multigen Labradoodle. They have wonderful dispositions. And lovely coats. Sires will be chosen in the summer.


Marley. and TBD Chocolate Multigen Australian Labradoodle


Goldendoodle Plans for early 2023


Martha My Dear and ??


My Baby Loves to Cha Cha Cha and Mr Peabody

Cha Cha and Mr Peabody Standard Multigen Goldendoodles in apricot, Black, Merle and chocolates with Phantom, abstract or parti color patterns


Delilah and Jax Standard F1 (first generation) Goldendoodles in Blacks, creams and Merles and/or Phantoms


Rose and Norman Medium Red Multigen Goldendoodles with abstract markings 40 to 50 pound range.


June Carter Cash aka “Junie” and Fletcher Standard Multigen Goldendoodles in apricot or black with abstract markings, Merles and phantoms

More possibilities for mid to late 2023

Annie Red Medium Goldendoodle

Billie Jean Black abstract Tri Medium Goldendoodle

Birdie Banks Black abstract Tri Medium Goldendoodle

Piper Red Medium Goldendoodle

Gypsy Blue Merle Standard Goldendoodle

Newfy Doodles

We have three girls to choose from this year and will breed at least one, possibly more depending on interest. These are big dogs and they have a very calm demeanor.

Eleanor and Baloo or Jax F1B Newfydoodles in Black or Chocolate, solids, abstracts, Merles and phantoms.

Daisy and Belle are F1B Newfydoodles, born here their parents are our Eleanor and Baloo. One of these girls will be bred to Rigby (aka Samson) our F1B Merle Parti Newfydoodle.

Daisy and Rigby Multigen Newfy doodles puppies in Chocolate, Black and Merle Parti with possibilities of phantom and sable

Belle and Rigby

We will breed Goldendoodles and Labradoodles in Medium and Standard sizes, in all colors. We will also breed one or two litters of Newfydoodles.

If you’d like to be on the interest list and get email updates for the upcoming litters, Please fill out a puppy application. The link is at the bottom of this page.


Guardian Opportunities

We will have only a fews guardian opportunities in 2023.

Here are the BASIC MUSTS to be part of our program. -Your home must be within an hour of ours. —You must have an enclosed yard. -One person home MOST of the time to care for and train the puppy.

You can read more about being a guardian ont the Guardian Program page.


We do have a waiting list for those wanting a specific size or color or want to be notified of a future litter. We are happy to add you to our waiting list after you have completed a puppy application. We should have plenty of puppies for everyone that wants one this year. (NO fee or deposit until we have a puppy for you!)

You can find the puppy application at the bottom of this page.

We breed for standard (around 50 lbs ) and medium (around 30-40 lbs) sizes. We also breed an occasional Giant Doodle (Irish Wolfadoodle or Newfydoodle). We do not breed minis or micros. I have finally learned, (contrary to what I have believed all of my life), that I simply can’t do everything.

Purchase Contract and Health Guarantee

To reserve your new family member, find our puppy application here.

After your application is received and approved, I will confirm that I received it via email.

I will also send monthly updates regarding breedings and litters and what is up and coming. When we have a puppy that fits your request, I will make a couple attempts to call, text or email you. You can then make your deposit and your place for your puppy will be reserved.

A completed application is a must. Please indicate which litter you are interested in and when you are ready for the new family member.

Twin Sisters Puppy Application