The Boys

Labradoodles Dudes

Loveable Labradoodles Cassius (ALAA-056139)

Loveable Labradoodles Cassius (ALAA-056139)

Cassius is a Beautiful Standard Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle with a lovely very soft and wavy chocolate/lavender coat. He carries Parti. He has a nice blocky build. We are very pleased to have him and thankful to Becky Puckett from Loveable Labradoodles for such a pretty loving boy.

Cassius is 22 1/2 ” and 55 pounds. His DNA is clear. Pennhip is 0.5 and OFA certifications for hips good,and elbows negative. CERF normal.

Cassius is proven and available for stud to approved females/programs


Twin Sisters A message to You Rudy

Rudy is a medium Caramel multigen labradoodle. He was born in March 2021. Rudy is 37 pounds.

His DNA profile is clear. His Prelim OFA’s for hips and patellas are good. I am excited to see what he will produce for us.

Rudy is a lucky dog. He lives in Winters with one of my favorite families, the Perry’s. Rudy will be available for Stud services to approve programs and females when his testing is finished in the summer of 2022.


Twin Sisters Stormin’ Norman

Norman is a Medium Australian Labradoodle, born on 31 July 2021. We expect him to be 191/2 inches tall at the shoulder and 38 lbs. Norman lives with his guardian family in Concord.

Norman has an excellent PennHip score of .32

He is DNA clear

HIs OFA elbows cardiac and patellas , all normal.


Twin Sisters KOKOMO

Twin Sisters Kokomo is a medium Chocolate Multigen Labradoodle. His Guardian parents call him “Doom”. His Mom is our Maggie May and his Dad is Gail’s Loveable labradoodles Ryeson. He has a wonderful supersoft deep chocolate coat with white markings and a ton of happy personality! His guardians, David and Kenzie of Napa, tell me that they don’t know how they ever lived without him.

Kokomo’s pennhip score is .36

DNA testing – carries IVDD. otherwise clear.

OFA -Patellas, elbows and cardiac are normal .

The Poodle Dudes

Twin Sisters Babaloo “Baloo”

Twin Sisters Babaloo “Baloo” is an AKC registered (PR 212011002) Standard Black and White Tri Parti Poodle. ( carries for phantom) He comes to us from Redding. He is very playful, very smart and such a sweetheart. Baloo lives with his guardian family (in Fairfield). He is a sensitive, much loved guy.

Baloo is 25 inches and 65 pounds.

Baloo’s DNA profile is clear.

His Pennhip score is .40

He has OFA hips-good, normal for cardiac, elbows and Patellas.

Baloo is proven and available for stud to approved females/programs.


Humblot’s Lost Coast’s Jumpin Jack Flash “JAX” CKC PD-05463291

Jax is a BIG Standard Poodle. in Blue Merle Phantom.What a gentle heart Jax has. While he is very gentle, and sensitive, he is also quite strong. Jax lives in Fairfield with his family Will, Nate and Nay and his canine sister Leia.

Jax has a clear DNA profile.

He has a great Pennhip score of .35.

His OFA tests for elbow, patellas and cardiac are normal.

He is 27 inches and 80 pounds. We think Jax will help some of our girls produce some excellent puppies beginning in 2023!


For 2022 and forward we will add the following…

Irish Wolfadoodle

Seamus Croi.

TSD SEAMUS CROI’ by CDP. Seamus is an F1 (first generation) Irish Wolfadoodle. HIs mom is our Waltzing Matilda and his dad is Champion CDP’s The Big Kahuna. He lives with his Guardians Kristi and David in San Carlos. She calls him Croi (which is Gaelic for heart). Seamus Croi has a clear DNA profile, An Excellent Pennhip score and good Preliminary OFA’s.

At 1 year Croi weighs around 90 pounds and stands about 32 inches at the shoulder. His Penn hip score is an impressive .31. His Preliminary OFAs for Hips, Elbows, patellas and cardiac are normal and good. He will be ready to go to work in the summer of 2022.

Seamus is available for stud, but is not yet tried/proven.


NPZ Rigby aka Samson

Our Newfydoodle(Newfoundland /Poodle) NZ Rigby was born in November of 2020. Rigby’s family calls him Samson, and it’s no wonder, at 18 months he is 28 inches at the shoulder and weighs in at 87 pounds. He is very strong!

He is an F1B Merle Parti Newfydoodle. carries is a Parti – merle, carries chocolate.

He has a clear DNA profile.

His Penn hip score is .41 which is very good.

His preliminary OFA scores are hips -good, cardio-normal, patellas-normal, elbows-normal.

Samson/Rigby lives on a mini sheep farm in the Fairfield area . They have irrigated pasture so he can often be found playing in the sprinklers and getting muddy!

Rigby is proven. He is available for stud to approved females/programs.


The Goldendoodle Guys

Mr Peabody Standard Merle F1B Goldendoodle

ALL THAT AND THEN SOME (Mr. Peabody). Mr. Peabody is a Merle F1B Standard Goldendoodle. He comes to us from Antelope Valley Doodles. I am so excited for the new genetics that he has brought to our program!

Mr. Peabody is about 23″ at the shoulders and approximately 65 pounds.

He has a clear DNA profile. (Eme,KbKy,atat,Ssp,Bb,Mm,FF). He carries chocolate, phantom, parti and Merle.

His Pennhip and Preliminary OFA testing is complete are all good.

Peabody and his humans live in Vacaville. His family of four is thrilled to have him! He has two young human sisters. His guardian mom, Amy, says that “he just loves the girls so much. No matter where they go in the house, he is right there! ”

Mr peabody is proven and is available for stud to approved programs/females.


for 2023 and beyond….

Standard F1B goldendoodle Di G’s Duke of Earl ” Fletcher” . Fletcher is the son of our ( Poodle Stud) Babaloo.

He stands 25″ at the shoulder and weighs about 65 pounds

Fletcher’s PennHip Score is excellent at .29 one of the best scores!

His OFA Elbows and cardiac are normal.

Fletcher lives in Napa with two human brothers, Mom, and extended family just next door! Lots of people to play with and love! Lucky dog!