About the Farm and about Us

Suisun Valley has been a part of our family history for 6 generations over the course of the last 165 years. Since their settlement in this area, our past generations have always farmed our land. We continue to farm tree and row crops. But we also have great love for animals of all kinds. For many years, we helped our children learn to raise and respect animals through the 4-H and FFA. Just as our parents did with us growing up. We keep a few head of Angus cattle to roam and graze the hills and we annually raise a few feeder steers.  With 68 acres of both flat land and rolling hills , a 4 acre pond and a creek, our pets and other animals have plenty of space to stretch their legs and live a little.

We grow walnuts, oranges, prunes and wine grapes on our farm in addition to our few head of cattle. We have a small roadside stand and frequent the farmers market in San Francisco and Sacramento on the weekends to sell our goods when in season.

We have three adult children with lives and careers of their own. Two young grand kids and bucket loads of extended family. Our farm is often the location of family events and gatherings. Our nieces and nephews bring their kids to visit often especially when there are puppies to play with!