Our Guardian Program

Please read this even if you had read it before. There are a few changes.

We currently have two female Standard Goldendoodles available for exceptional guardian homes. Hope is 3 1/2 months old. Cha Cha is 9 months old.

We believe that each dog deserves to be part of a loving home. We also believe that dogs that feel loved are happier and healthier and therefore produce healthier happier puppies with the best temperaments!

For those reasons we choose to employ a guardian program for most of our breeding dogs. All but the two girls that live with us!

We keep Matilda and Dolly with us as our family pets and will continue to do so long past their breeding careers, for as long as they live. All the rest of our dogs have their own families to love!

Our Guardian Program participants receive a top quality dog that will be their pet forever. (with only a small deposit).We retain the breeding rights.

The Guardian is responsible for the basic maintenance and training of their dog, and Twin Sisters Doodles pays for all the testing and breeding related costs. Female Dogs are brought to us, by the guardian when it is time for breeding and then to deliver and raise their puppies,( for about 7 weeks) then they go home to their family. When the dog is no longer breeding, the guardian will spay or neuter the dog and it remains their pet forever. Female dogs will have 3-4 litters only. between the ages of 1 and 5 years

Males that are to be used for stud will be brought to us at the appropriate times when needed for breeding , then go straight back home.

The guardian will pay upon receipt of the dog a deposit of $500.

When a male dog is brought to us at Twin Sisters Doodles for breeding, the guardian will receive $100.

The guardian of a female will receive $500 per litter (more than one puppy), for each litter that their dog produces.

A finders fee (10%)is also offered to the Guardian for stud fee and puppy purchase referrals.

The Guardian and TSD will sign a contract outlining care that is expected as well as the renumeration to the Guardian home.

The guardian home must be less than an hour drive from our location outside of Fairfield.

If you are interested in being a Guardian. Please fill out a puppy application and note that you would like to be considered for guardianship. (There is a short waiting list for guardian positions).

We don’t always keep a dog from a litter for breeding. The dogs that we do keep must stand out from the rest both in personality and physical features and it must fit the needs of our breeding program.