Care of your doodle

Trimming Your Dog’s Claws

Keeping your Labradoodle or Goldendoodle’s claws in check can be a daunting task, but it is absolutely necessary. You must trim your dog’s claws on a regular basis, usually once or twice a month. Don’t forget the dew claws on the inner side of the front paws! They are easily forgotten but must be trimmed like every other nail. If you do not trim them, your dog much more likely to snag them on something and tear them. A torn dewclaw is a very painful thing for your dog and often results in a trip to the vet.

The frequency with which you trim your dog’s nails will vary depending on its lifestyle and activity level. If you are not comfortable trimming or feel unprepared to do so, have a groomer or vet show you how.

Clipping your dog’s claws (from the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Fantastic pictures!)

How to trim nails

Cleaning Ears & Plucking Ear Hair

Cleaning your dog’s ears isn’t the world’s most entertaining job, but it should be part of your normal grooming routine. Your dog’s ear health depends on you. Infections come on quickly, and keeping your dog’s ears clean and dry is the best way to ward them off.

If you notice your dog scratching at his or her ears, or if you see redness in the ear or detect an unpleasant odor coming from the ear, your dog may have developed an ear infection. Visit your vet if you notice any of these symptoms, as cleaning alone won’t clear up the issue.

Examining and cleaning ears, from the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. More terrific pictures!

For natural ear cleaner and treatment, IT’S FOR THE ANIMALS has wonderful information and a recipe for Blue Powder Ear Treatment you can make for holistic care of dog ears.

Eye Care

Take these three simple steps to prevent eye infections in your dog. Regular cleaning and care is a must.

Keep hair trimmed away from your dog’s eyes using blunt tipped scissors. Hair that rubs against the eye can introduce bacteria, leading to infection.

Keep your dog’s eyes clean by using an eye wash or pads designed to wipe away debris and gunk.

Check your dog’s eyes regularly, and schedule an appointment with your vet if you detect any irregularities.

Teeth Care

Your dog absolutely requires good dental care. Fortunately, preventing oral disease is easy by brushing your dog’s teeth regularly. Learn more:

Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

Dental Care: What to Include in a Complete Program by Holly Nash, DVM MS