Pricing and Forms

These base prices are for puppies sold as pets WITHOUT breeding rights. (you must have your puppy neutered/spayed). For a puppy with breeding rights see below.

Current Prices as of June 1 2022. 

Basic price $3250.(plus tax 7.375%). for

either male or female,

Goldendoodles,  Labradoodles, Australian Labradoodles, Double Doodles  or Newfydoodles  (Newdles)

Any Generation : F1-first generation( approx 50% poodle 50% lab, golden or Newfy), F1B -second generation (approx 75% poodle) or MultiMultigenerational   (% of poodle varies with each litter)                                  

Any Size: Mediums (17 to 20 inches)  Standard (21 to 24 1/2 inches) or Giant ( over 25 inches at shoulder)

Most colors and patterns : Solid Colors and Abstracts (mostly colored with some white markings) or Parti  (mostly white with colored areas)

Fancy Colors/Patterns –  Phantom or Sable $4000.    Merle.  $5000.

                                               Special breedings (when we have them)

Irish Woodles aka Irish wolfadoodles    $3500 (or Woodle X Newdle)

                       California State and local taxes for Solano County is 7.375%

BREEDERS CHOICE  twice (the above) price of the desired puppy. This option gets you top pick of the litter and top of the waiting list, because you are essentially getting my choice that I reserve for our program.

We reserve the right of first choice for one or two puppies for our program. We will give up our choice of puppy that we would retain as a future breeding dog. Breeders Choice is offered for as stated above.

Breeding Rights on any puppy is $3000. in addition to the base price. Puppies with breeding rights will only be sold to approved programs.

                             Here’s the process;

First, fill out and submit a puppy application. (Jot form)

After I receive your application I will try to contact you. If you don’t hear from me, please feel free to call, text or email me. I will send you monthly emails so you know what’s coming up, but please keep an eye on the website also.

Let me know if there is an upcoming litter that you want a puppy from. When we have confirmed the pregnancy, I will contact you so that you can place a deposit. Then I will post the confirmation on our website.

Your deposit will secure (reserve) your spot in the desired litter. Choosing order will be the same as the order that the deposits are received.

The deposit is non refundable but may be considered for transfer to a future litter if there are no puppies that fit your stated desires in the current litter. (Your application has a place that you can indicate your puppy preferences. (breed, color, sex, size). For example, if you want a male puppy and there are no males left at your choosing time, your deposit can be transferred to another litter.

Deposit can be transferred/rolled over for up to one year. your deposit cannot be transferred to another person. After one year, if we have failed to produce a puppy to the specifications on your application, your deposit will be refunded. If after one year, we have produced to your specifications and you have chosen not to take a puppy, then your deposit will be forfeited.

We have a waiting list. Your approved puppy application is a must to be on the waitlist. We work from that waiting list to decide which dogs to breed.

Reservations and choosing order for puppies is “first come first served”. The first to place their deposit, has the first appointment on choosing day. We will make appointments for choosing your particular puppy when they are 6 weeks old. Either in person or via video chat.

Puppies will be ready to go home with you when they are 8 weeks old. Please plan to pick up your puppy by the weekend after it turns 8 weeks.

All puppies will come with an informational packet, a copy of the contract with 2 year genetic health guarantee, all age appropriate vaccines and de worming, puppy will be micro-chipped with registration pre paid,  a puppy well-check report (from veterinarian), a blanket that has litter mates and mom scent, a toy and a 2 lb bag of healthful puppy food. And a puppy tooth brush

Twin Sisters Puppy Application

When you fill out the application (above), please indicate when you are hoping to welcome your new family member. — for example, ready now, or spring or next year.

Email us for more info at

or Call or text me at cell: 707 249 6474, or call the farm phone 707 425 5369,

I am here and happy to answer your questions.

Other Useful forms

Purchase Contract and Health Guarantee

contract 2022

Guardian Contract (Guardian Homes ONLY)

Guardian agreement