Our Girls

Our Labradoodle Ladies


Twin Sisters Maggie May

Maggie is a Standard Chocolate Multigen Australian Labradoodle and is the offspring of our (Waltzing Matilda) Tillie and Gail’s Obliging Oliver of Templeton Ca.

DNA profile is clear, DOB 8/11/2018 OFA Certifications for hips-good, elbows-normal, patellas-normal. 23 inches tall, weighs 45 pounds

Maggie has a silky soft chocolate/lavender coat and the best personality! She lives with her family Rick and Deanne in Vacaville. They take her camping and hiking and she gets to spend a lot of time with grandchildren. What a life!


Gail’s Oh, Happy Day! aka “Maevis”

Meet” Maevis” Born August 26, 2019. Maevis is a Standard Apricot Parti Multigen Australian Labradoodle. She comes to us from Gail’s Doodles of Templeton Ca . her parents are Gail’s Cassie and Loveable labradoodles Waylon. Maevis is lucky enough to have her mom and dad all to herself. She lives with Sabra and Robert in Reno Nevada. Maevis and her parents make frequent trips to our area to visit. Sabra, is our Social Media person and my niece and Sabra also comes and stay to help us with puppies. So Maevis gets plenty of interaction with lots of people and dogs. Maevis has had two large litters of very lovely parti pups.

Maevis is 22 inches tall and 45 pounds. DOB 8/26/19 her DNA is clear Pennhip score is .30! (excellent) Preliminary OFA’s are excellent for hips, elbows, patellas and heart are also normal.

If you look in the gallery you cannot miss Maevis’s puppies, they look just like her!


Twin Sisters Fire and Rain “Rainey”

Rainey is a Medium Multigen Australian Labradoodle. Her mother is our Birdie and her father is Gails Salt and Pepper. She is a lovely apricot with white markings. She has a friendly, gentle personality.

Rainey is 18 inches and weighs 30 lbs. DOB 8/16/2020 DNA profile that is clear Pennhip score of .48. OFA hips-good, normal for heart, elbows and patellas

Rainey lives with guardian dad, Todd, and canine sister (Martha My Dear). They live in Fairfield. Rainey is a very spoiled and loved little girl. She has a lovely soft coat. She is gentle and calm and a very good mama.


Loveable Labradoodles Jolene “Jojo”

Jolene is a petite medium Australian Labradoodle. She comes to us from my friend Becky at Loveable Labradoodles in Atascadero. She lives in Napa with her family, the Thorntons where she is the princess of the house! She has a lot of energy, the very softest of coats and the sweetest personality!

Her DNA is clear, DOB 1/07/2022. Jolene is just 30 pounds. Pennhip score is .34 ( a great score!).

She will have Preliminary OFA’s done in March and we will breed her in springer early summer 2023

Twin Sisters Waltzing Matilda “Tillie”

Tillie is a Standard Chocolate F1B labradoodle. Born August 6, 2016. Our very first Labradoodle! She is momma and grandma to many of our girls. she often wants to oversee young puppy play time and does not hesitate to correct the puppies when necessary.

Her Her DNA profile is clear. OFA certifications for hips is good and Elbows, normal.

Tillie is very intelligent. She loves to play, as long as she is winning! She is the Alpha dog here on the farm and she makes sure that everyone knows it (including our son’s mastiff! ). She loves to play at the creek but her favorite thing is chasing squirrels and rabbits! She has proven to be a great mama and has given us some very nice chocolate puppies. Some of her puppies have become part of our breeding program. She has great fun playing with ALL the puppies and misses them when they go to their new homes.

Matilda is retired at the early age of 6. She will continue to live with us as our pet and companion.


Twin Sisters Rockin Robin aka “Birdie”

Birdie is a standard Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle. Born in August of 2018, she is the daughter of our Matilda and Gails Oblidging Oliver of Templeton Ca. Birdie is now retired as she has had 4 litters of lovely puppies. Our Rainey is one of her puppies.

Birdie comes to visit us on the farm often as her family are also part of my family!


The Golden Doodle Girls

Twin Sisters Hello Dolly

Dolly is an F1 Standard Goldendoodle. DOB 08/13/ 2016.

Her DNA profile is clear. OFA hips is good. She weighs 55 lbs and stands 22 inches at the shoulder.

Dolly is an absolute sweetheart. She lives her with us on the farm and is happy to let Matilda be the boss, but watches for her chances to outsmart Matilda! She is very calm and “laid back”. Her favorite past time is hunting gophers and often can be found in the orchard doing just that! She comes back muddy, but always wagging her tail! She and Tillie absolutely love taking walks to the creek to play in the water on a hot day and also love chasing after squirrels and frequently can be found staring or barking at the trees or irrigation pipes where the squirrels have found safety. (I think that the squirrels enjoy teasing them! )

Dolly is a terrific mama and has given us three very big litters of lovely puppies! You can see her puppies in our gallery. She will be retiring after her next litter. I’m sure that she will be happy spending her days going to the parks and hiking on the hills with us here on the farm.


Twin Sisters Martha My Dear aka “Valley Rose”

Valley is an F1b Standard Goldendoodle and the daughter of our Dolly and our standard Parti Poodle Babaloo. She is a very soft light creamy apricot nearly white.

Her Pennhip score is .30 ( really good). POFA’s for hips-good, elbows and patellas-normal and cardiac-good. Her DNA profile is clear. She is about 23 inches tall and weighs about 45 pounds.

Valley lives with her human dad (Todd)and canine sister (Rainey) in Fairfield. Valley’s first litter is gorgeous! In Jun2 2022 she gave us 11 wonderful puppies in black, black abstract, cream, cream parti, merle and merle parti!


Gail’s Ruby Tuesday

Ruby is our first Medium Multigen Goldendoodle. She was born in October 2019. She is solid red. She is 19 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds.

Ruby ls a lovely soft red coat. She is (DNA) clear for all hereditary issues relevant to her breed. She has a Pennhip score of .37. Her OFA certificates for heart and Patellas are normal and her POFA’s for hips-fair and Elbows-normal.

Ruby lives with her human mom, Crystal, near the water in Vallejo. So she gets a lot of walk time along the waters edge. She is well known and well loved in her neighborhood and at the local Starbucks where she gets her regular puppaccino! She is a real sweet heart and just as cute as can be. She is great mama and has lovely chunky puppies!

We look forward to Ruby’s next litter in the spring of ’23.


Antelope Valley’s June Carter Cash aka “Junie”

Junie is a Standard Merle F1B Goldendoodle

Junie lives in Vacaville with Carmen,Vince and Riley. Junie is their second doodle . They also have Rooney, a beautiful shiney black goldendoodle. June is sure to get spoiled by them! I am very thankful to Antelope Valley Doodles for June. And thankful to Carmen and Vince for giving June a great loving home.

June’s DNA profile is clear. DOB 05/09/2021 June’s pennhip score is .42 with preliminary OFA’s hips-fair and elbows, patellas and heart normal. We are sure that she will give us some lovely puppies.


DG’s My Baby Loves to Cha “Cha Cha

Her guardian family also has her brother “Fletcher” aka The Duke of Earl. They live in a semi rural neighborhood in Napa so they have plenty of space to run and play!

Her DNA is clear ( she carries for parti, phantom, apricot and chocolate.). DOB 11/23/2021 Her pennhip score is very good at .35. Preliminary OFA’s will be done soon and we will breed her in 2023, after all her testing is complete.


English Cream Golden Retriever

DNA is clear and she has a Pennhip score is .31 ( excellent)!

We hope to breed Delilah in 2023, after her remaining testing is complete.



Meet Our first Newfydoodle (newdle/newfypoo )Eleanor. She comes to us from the Midwest, Newfypoo Zoo’s Eleanor is an F1 Chocolate and white Parti Newfydoodle. Born in November 2020, she is 75 lbs. Eleanor’s guardian family call her Lola. She lives nearby with our neighbors, the Wested family, only about a mile from us! Eleanor is DNA Clear and her Pennhip and OFA testing has been done and is good. Lola is a tremendous mom!


for the future….

Our up coming girls Labradoodles , Goldendoodles and Newfydoodles !

These girls have all passed DNA testing and will have X-rays as soon as they are old enough.